Plustoken wallet can’t withdraw the amount involved or reach 50 billion

According to the current user scale of the coin, the collapse of the largest fund project in this currency circle is a foregone conclusion.

On June 30th, ETHEREMU received feedback from several Plustoken investors. Since the evening of June 27th, the Plustoken wallet, which is called the “first fund of the currency circle”, has been unable to withdraw cash. The collapse of the largest fund project in this currency circle is a foregone conclusion.

To date, more than 400 Plustoken investors who have contacted ETHEREMU have not been successful. According to a statistical data provided by an investor, on April 26 this year, Plustoken’s address has stored a digital currency worth about 873.1 million US dollars, equivalent to about 6 billion yuan.

And a source said that Plustoken’s amount involved is 50 billion yuan.


Acquaintances recommend community operation

A survey report on Plustoken states that Plustoken operates primarily in a community-based model, which is set up by higher-level members, each with several 500-person WeChat groups. So far, there is no exact number of Plustoken investors, but in August 2018, the total number of Plustoken members has exceeded one million, and in the MLM promotion model, this number is even more than half a year later. Further growth. Earlier this year, Plustoken made it clear that in 2019 the number of members will exceed 10 million.

At present, the inability to withdraw this problem has led to widespread panic among Plustoken investors. After the ETHEREMU investigation, it was found that there are many investors who have invested millions and cannot withdraw cash, and therefore there are players who buy a house, buy a car, and have a wife. .

After analyzing the Plustoken mechanism, it is not difficult to find that Plustoken uses the MLM mode for membership expansion. According to the definition of “MLM” by the relevant state departments, pyramid scheme refers to the illegal activities of the organizer development personnel to obtain wealth through development personnel or by requiring the developed personnel to obtain the qualifications for membership by paying a certain fee. The essence of pyramid schemes is the “Ponzi scheme”, that is, the money from the people who come in the future.

Plustoken’s explanation video about the level explanation fully reflects the nature of its pyramids. The Plustoken account can be divided into four categories: big family, big coffee, great god, and founding. Each level can get extra rebates in addition to the link income.

According to statistics, large households can get an additional 5% rebate, 10% for big coffee and 15% for big god, and the platform can be given extra monthly dividends + end of dividends at the beginning of the project. The total market value of the dog is 200,000 US dollars, which can be 100% of the direct push. To become a big family, you need to push 10 people directly and successfully open the smart dog; the big coffee needs to push more than 10 people directly, and there are three big households; the great god needs to push more than 10 people directly, three of which are big coffee; and the founding requires There are at least three great gods under the name.

Analysis of the way many investors enter the market, they are mainly based on the elders at home or friends around to start investing in Plustoken. A school student told ETHEREMU that he was asked by the elders of the family to help buy and buy Plustoken after returning home from holiday. After that, he was brainwashed by his elders. Until this time, she could not realize the money and she began to realize that the project was not right.

An investor even slandered his own relatives when they initially refused to invest “do not know how to make money”, but after the brainwashing of their loved ones, he eventually began to invest in Plustoken. Previously, a community promotion staff told ETHEREMU that as long as they joined the Plustoken membership (ie, purchase Plustoken), the community will train members for free promotion.

The promoters said that the initial promotion should be the first choice for family and friends around. Most of the investors in the community are full-time mothers and students.

The main reason for the players who have already entered the Plustoken to start actively developing the downline is the high commission.

According to informed sources, the dividend for the first year of the year is not less than 1.5 million US dollars. This statement has been affirmed by another investor. An investor who was an early adopter of the investor can get several BTCs in the late day.

Plustoken once publicized to be listed overseas on June 20, 2019, but before the listing, there was no relevant information on the listing. On the day of June 20th, the listing of Plustoken was not completed, and Plustoken officially stated that the listing will be postponed until September.

But Plustoken’s investors did not wait for the good news of the success of Plustoken’s listing, but waited for it to be able to withdraw the bad news.

Firecoin OTC into Plustoken main deposit channel

According to ETHEREMU’s data survey of more than 400 investors, more than 95% of investors have purchased digital currency through the OTC channel and transferred to Plustoken’s address. The Firecoin OTC is the main deposit channel for Plustoken.

One investor said that if you don’t know how to operate, then you only need to transfer the money to the “online” that pulls you in. After that, the “online” will help you download and register the real fire currency network, and then buy Digital currency, after buying the real currency, continue to download Plustoken’s plus app for you. You need to fill in the inventor information during the registration process. After the registration is completed, Plustoken will give you an address, and then you will operate on the fire coin. Address transfer.

The investor further stressed that in the process of transferring the coins to Plustoken, it only takes two or three minutes to arrive.

In addition, investors do not need KYC certification when registering Plustoken, but Plustoken will ask you to authenticate when you raise coins.

Outage or a foregone conclusion

It has been two days since the Plustoken wallet failed to withdraw on the 27th, but during these two days, Plustoken did not have any official announcement to explain this. An investor said in the exchange group that the system was previously Upgrade or withdrawal delay, Plustoken will release relevant announcements in time to explain, but this time the problem that can not be cashed has caused widespread panic, Plustoken has not released relevant announcements.

In fact, some people who still believe that Plustoken are actively explaining, they said that this is not possible because of the system upgrade, not because the project party invaded the investor’s property and maliciously stopped operating. However, this statement has not been convinced by the majority of investors, they believe that this is the time when some of the vested vested people are calming their emotions in exchange for transferring assets.

But comprehensive multi-party news shows that Plustoken investors are not an easy task to recover their own funds.

When ETHETEMU suggested to go to the local report, many investors expressed hesitation. The investors who entered these games were all familiar or close to them because they were hesitant about the report based on personal relationships.

In addition, the lack of clear operational responsibility is also one of the difficulties in recovery.

According to a promoter of the PLUS community, there is almost no actual connection between the communities, and apart from the community, members of the community have developed a variety of “transparent bricks” outside the community. The PLUS community is one of many communities in Plustoken.

The daily promotion articles and explanation videos all have high-level production outflows from these communities. Plustoken does not have perfect external channels. Therefore, Plustoken is a decentralized decentralized management mode on the substantive level.

Corresponding to decentralized management is the founder’s identity. If you look at Plustoken’s official website, there is no founder information and investor information, and there is no exchange information.

According to the community information in the workshop, Plustoken was developed by the Google team and the Samsung team. However, some insiders discovered that it was only Samsung and Google that sponsored the advertisement on the ETH browser.

The founders LEO and Jin Zhongren did not have a complete resume in any open channel, and the public information related to them was very few. According to the Plustoken community, the main reason was that the two founders were too low-key. .

However, ETHEREMU found that high-level trips with “low-key” are often published in the community. On March 25th, a senior surname of Chen was conducting a speech in Vietnam to explore overseas markets. After the Vietnam Conference, the investment enthusiasm of the Plustoken community was unprecedentedly high. “Many people who added funds after the Vietnam Conference.” One investor told ETHEREMU.

Investors need to actively recover

Based on the above difficulties, many investors have little confidence in recovering losses, so they advocate “protection”. They believe that Plustoken has not explicitly issued a notice stating that it will no longer operate, so do not go to the public channel to avoid pressure on operators.

However, according to ETHEREMU, as long as investors actively recover, it is not impossible to recover losses.

Digital currency has been identified as “property” and is protected by national laws.

In addition to the protection of relevant laws and regulations, there have been cases of successful recovery.

On April 23, 2019, the Zhuhui Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China, informed the official public account of the progress of the “chain of heroes” in the blockchain virtual digital currency network fraud case that was previously filed for investigation.

It is understood that the “hero chain” is a network fraud case with a virtual digital currency as a cover, involving a total amount of more than 300 million yuan. At present, 21 suspects involved in the case have been subjected to criminal detention measures, and 15 people have been admitted, 9 of whom were arrested by the procuratorate.

The report mentioned that in December 2018, Zhuhui Public Security Bureau received reports from several informants, claiming that it was fraudulently defrauded by the “Hero Chain” (HEC) blockchain virtual digital currency project. Several million dollars. On December 29, 2018, the Zhuhui Public Security Bureau formally investigated the case.


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