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General Discussion / AFCOIN test network mall landing application
« on: March 10, 2019, 12:48:11 pm »
AFCOIN completed the first application of the first online mall today.
According to AF spokesperson Steven Wilson, the test is mainly reflected in online payment, data response, delay, arrival time, background function, AF discount function and AF consumer discount.
Afcoin is the landing application encryption currency launched by the Rothschild family in 2019, serving the world's top companies and smart investors.

General Discussion / Rothschild issues AFCOIN cryptocurrency
« on: March 08, 2019, 09:27:49 pm »
The Rothschild family is a long-established financial family in Europe and the world. It was born in the early 19th century and its founder was Mayer Rothschild. He and his five sons, Roche Five Tigers, opened banks in famous European cities such as London, France, Paris, Austria, Vienna, Frankfurt, Germany and Naples.

In 2007, a "currency war" made most people know about the Rothschild family, but the general public's understanding of them is limited to the surface form. This family with more than 200 years of history is said to be It has a wealth of $50 trillion. What kind of concept is this? 50 trillion is equivalent to the total assets of more than 900 Gates or Buffett.

In 2014, the Rothschild family distributed the AF Digital Foundation within the original International Foundation, mainly for investment in the digital industry.

In December 2018, the AF Digital Foundation approved the head office (Rosschild Bank) and the Foundation Headquarters, and passed the resolution to establish the AFCOIN cryptocurrency operation center, which was initiated by the AF Digital Foundation as a project sponsor and by Philip Rothschild. As Chairman, Evelyn Rothschild served as Senior Advisor, Warren Buffett (2.773%) as a strategic investor, and Peter Park as CEO

AF, full name: AFCOIN, with a total circulation of 700 million pieces, circulation of 630 million pieces, based on the encrypted digital currency developed by Ethereum ERC20, supporting wallet imtoken, JAXX, Kcash, Bitt, AnyBit, MyEtherWallet, etc., March 4, 2019 The first public offering plan was launched, and the community launch conference (ticket system + invitation system + purchase system) was opened on August 29, 2019, and the AF Rothschild family meeting date (invitation system) was held on October 16, 2019.

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