Benjamin De Rothschild officially issued the Rothschild AD chain

Benjamin De Rothschild officially launched the cryptocurrency Rothschild AD Chain,Abbreviation:AD,A total of 1.08 billion ADs were issued.AD is mainly based on the cryptocurrency of digital advertising media applications, standing in the digital journalism industry. In 2022, RothschildAD will become the global advertising purchase cryptocurrency.

AD Rothschild Digital Foundation as project sponsor, Benjamin De Rothschild as chairman and foundation chairman, Ariane de Rothschild as executive chairman of the foundation, Razor as project CEO, Mark Read, Hirai Kazuo as senior consultant, WP as fund Supervisory management director.

The Rothschild family is a long-established financial family in Europe and around the world. It was born in the early 19th century and its founder is Mayer Rothschild. He and his five sons, the Roche Five Tigers, opened banks in famous European cities such as Britain, France, Austria, Germany and Italy.

In 2007, the “currency war” made most people aware of the Rothschild family, but the public’s understanding of them was limited to the superficial form. It is said that this family with more than 200 years of history has a wealth of 50 trillion US dollars. What is this concept? 50 trillion is equivalent to more than 900 Gates or Buffett’s total assets.

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Company Name: Rothschild AD Fund Center 
Contact Person: AD
Email: [email protected]
Country: France 


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